Intel Vs AMD

Intel All the Way!! i dont worry i am not going to write an argumentative essay... BTW SOME teacher said my writing skills was bad (you will know who if you study at scss 3e2 XD)

ok.. Intel just released the latest INtel Quad Core Based on latest 45nm process. Oh Ya its called Penryn. check this out !Intel Press release Intel is now ahead of AMD ( a few steps ahead) after Intel had tasted AMD's processors in 2006. I believe this fight of AMD and Intel is not a bad one it gives a win-win-win situation. 1. when a fight begins, they will try to out beat each other in price, variety and technology. this way consumers can get more out of their money. like getting powerful dual core processors at around SGD$100? who knows its in the near future. 2. we will move light speed into the next the next and next technology, as the two companies are trying to be better than another. best of all current Intel chips are not MADE IN CHINA as most PC parts are... harddrive... cddrive etc..

see... scary.. MADE IN CHINA.