your everday hidden investment

You are always making an impact on someone's life in someplace, somewhere and it is constantly happening. When you buy a product, you use it, but it is not that simple. when you buy the product, you actually create jobs for people in the particular place, you injct funds in to the company. Lets take when you buy a computer, made in china. When you buy the product, you are actually creating jobs for people in china, spurring growth in china. this is all about consumer power, if one day, every one started boycotting Chinese products, there would be job losses, slow or no growth in china. then the effects would be echoed first in china, then Asia and then the whole world. This is roughly what will happen, today's world is so compact and small such that even a small movement can cause a "global epidemic" . So actually consumer have lots of power in their hand it is just use it or not.