I did some SPONTANEOUS, RANDOM searching, really random and found Shana's blog lol.

Todays Eric's Featured blog: Shana's blog :

It captures the really interesting parts of the lfe of class 2e2. (apologies to those who created equally good blogs)
Really interesting. let me Quote: (the Parts which i Like XD)

"We had a fake math test today, Miss Yeo bluffed us la! I swear I was on the verge of becoming a SILLY nutcase and eating my hair. Han Zi became a little schizo and all, so did Eric, they were all quarelling with Mr Mak and so we were late for today's assembly! It was on bullying and I couldn't stop thinking of Teo Yiting. Guilty pangs, anyone?"

> ok ok I still remember lol over the DUSTBIN, just because ms tay argued that we dint throw rubbish properly, hehe

"Music was also really cute because I have my name in a song! The theme for the project was "school" so you could practically write about anything in school. And Aqil's group was like WHOA AWESOME their song-writing is real good. But it was bloody and all because they were singing about Mr. Mak losing his mind thus he blew up the classroom and there are pieces of Hui Lak & Eric all over the place, Gayatri turning into a human sausage, and"

>This was really memorable, the song.

"Today was like, blahblahblah-ish.
Kind of no mood, you know?
Seems like everyone is sad these days. I guess it's just the EOYs and all of us are like guilty because nobody listened to The Boring Teacher.

Eileenkhoo, cheer up! :D

Eric your photoshop is like lousylousylousy can! L(:
This is my cuzzie's masterpiece, photoshop and all!"

>wad.. ^^ see the new logo is nice right? hehe I win

"And Eric, Darth Vader and Paris Hilton will not rule the galaxy for five million years pls! Paris Hilton's lovely face would probably be used as some fossil fuel to drive a car. And I think she should just stick to being a socialite, really."

> ok Shana I admit ok :( but i dont agree with the vader part.

"We went to buy potong ice cream and I suddenly burst into laughter because the red bean on the ice cream looked like the dots on the monk's head. And then Yuxin started to laugh too because she said I was a dum-dum >:D"

> ok. lets admit it. this part had nothing to do with 2e2 but it was really dam ____ ( really no words to describe...)

hehe i just came back from Don's house after Caffine addiction