The Swiss Cottage Paradox

Well, Every one in the school just live life the way it is. But, no one ever realizes that Swiss Cottage has a flaw in their "law system", the message they are sending towards the students and the public.
Let me explain:

2005 When i was sec1
> they banned hand phones for lower secondary students

I understand this: as possibly the government of swiss cottage wants to "immediately" decrease the rate as i understand that at that point of time the theft rate was high and the school attributed the problem to the lower secondary.

2006 When sec 2
> they banned hand phones for upper secondary students

For this i do not understand at all.

1) Contradict the adult policy
The school's policy: To treat all students in the school as adults
> they changed the school's lower secondary uniform from short pants to long pants.
> they changed remedial policy from compulsory remedial to a "self study" model

2) Hand phones do no harm in anyway to a student's study

3) Hand phones can compliment one's studies
> record homework
> sms teachers when they go MIA
> Remind about homework

4) parents need to contact their kids on when they are reaching home and what remedial etc etc.

Besides, if students were allowed to bring phones, teachers should be allowed to confiscate phones on the spot if the students used them in class (games or messaging)

This would practically solve most of the things.

Swiss cottage: "Treat all students like adults" This is a lie.
More like: "Treating students like adults is just a delusion to trick the public, mock the students and frind some work for mdm tang to do.

I will bring this up in the principals' conference this year. I will have nothing to lose.