China's Multiple Personality Syndrome

Today we are immensely influenced by China. Just china. Look around and you will discover almost most of your things come from china. Ok i will leave economic politics for now.

Many say China has changed, for good, towards democracy, but who actually sees the change? I tried to discover if this change has occurred, through this years' Athens, forget the Tibet protests, London demonstrations. Focus on China, on how the government has created a "Sporting hype" in the country and the opening of various sporting academy in the nations and try to discover through the system and quotes if the Great Republic founded by Mao has changed for the better.

1) Selection Processes
Officers are sent nation wide to search for good sporting talents. The talent's parents are convinced to send their children to the sporting schools(you can use force, if you define convinced the generic way) The talents are later propagandized to love the sport, even if they do not even know the name of the sport.

2) training Processes
Over 400 thousand people are trained in various sports schools. The talents curriculum include at least 5. (note: AT LEAST) While chinese goverment propagandists claim that they train in moderation and they are "mostly for academics with sports training as a spare time activity". (Time reporters cant find any test books though) Sports talents when interviewed, asking how their day is spent, one replied " I run, and I sleep,"

China Winning? Look at the above( all from a Time report), do not tell me that the old communist elements cease to exist in china. Is china getting too obsessed to: show the worlds as a sporting nation? or To win those Athens gold medals? The figures 400 thousand, makes us wonder where do they go after their sporting career comes to an end or are dumped. First to start off, they received no or little academic education. Next, social behaviors, as they are being over propagandized, will make them have a social gap when they are mixing with the society.
Is China going to mass people just to get the few medals that Beijing wants?
China's policy on Athens Should be changed?

Westerners : We have passion
Chinese : We have people

Some information in this article is taken from a time magazine article. (c) TIME, All Rights Reserved. TIME is not responsible for the comments posted by me(eric).