Welcome back,
Haiz, June Holiday is Over, sad to say all my friends and i will be going through the O' levels' gates of hell, So will be having a last blog revamp.
1) updating links ( ie friends links )
2) editing the skin?

Activities i did this holiday:

Scout camp!

They are still the same, with some sec 2 becoming more matured. The sec. 1 if i am have not mistaken has gone in terms of behaviour, worse. Sec 3s are my main worry; a possible power struggle and a impending civil war, if things continue to remain status quo. However, the seniors ( Jimmy and friends ) are back, this is really something worth celebrating. I think its time to do somthing about the not-up-to-standard attitude and skills. With their help, i hope the correction will be in time for the year end NPC. This problem, i admit, i was one of those responsible,

Swimming~ with Zhanz and XY
Still trying to get pics, well it was fun. I made an interesting revelation : at the swiming pool, there tend to be more guys at the pool in the morning and noon. But at evening, night, there are much more gals there !!

4e2 BBQ
BBQ pit 18, 17 june. I have to say this BBQ was boring, at least for me. I promise Year end's chalet will be great. Ps: the transport's problem (2hrs) was not Evers fault, it was mine.