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03-12-2007, 02:55 AM
Oh yah, i guess the reason why u all have stopped replying to this thread becuz of the possible legal actions that will be against you for further statutory defamation of the sch's name???

I've enjoyed SJI SO MUCH, so wud made some of u didn't? isit becuz you did not even try to be part of the culture, the family?

and i read about someone from SWISS COTTAGE who mentioned that in SJI, you learn nothing but touching the set of balls beside urs ... Isit true? I've never groped my peers, my seniors nor my juniors, definitely not my teachers.

And so all the balls-groping and gay-congregating activities in SJI came about from your friends, or was it really your real life experience?

Do not even make such comments abt our Alma Mater when NONE of us had done so, and why didn't we do so?? Cuz we're not taught to do that when we're still in sch, who are we to judge???

Somewhere in this thread I've read that SJI has produced professionals in most industries and business sectors in Singapore, and i guess one professional has already spoken ... and yes, from what i've heard from a professional's mouth, legal actions will be taken if you continue to make such comments.

In bold and italics: What?!