CPR performed(blog revived)

This was typed using my new Fujitsu Laptop/notebook/umpc

my Schedule:
6-day Camp (26 November to 1 december)

All Hail falcon Scouts!
NPC Camp result double silver

Camp was great (at least for the Camp Staff)... Looks like I am the ONLY one who will be back to help falcons from my batch.... (If Hui ]ie PS me) well to say I am quite proud of my juniors.

3 day stay at Johor, Malaysia at central hotel

Service was really bad at the hotel, the door lock keeps malfunctioning, air-cond (made in China) keeps tailing, TV has some wind problem... etc...

pardon me for not updating...
A) I did not bring my laptop during Camp
B) I was not allowed to bring my laptop to Malaysia (Ps: the movies are very cost effective: RM 10 1/2 price...) (However the cinema stinks)

Okay, that, all, will do a performance test on my new laptop and any own review, so far so good. All the way Fujitsu U2010!