a wierd dream

Sylar Sylar...... The dream goes like this: i discovered my telekinetic powers by trying to eat a grapeusing the powers.... haha then i was trying to perfect it.... ok then i tried to use the power on my sis, trying to push my sis on to the wall but failed and she landed on the shoulder.... she screamed in pain and i laughed at her.... then i found myself at scouts and it was NPC and every one was groaning when the truck unloaded the poles... Then i used my telekenesis and lifted ALL the poles to the camp area... Mean while everyone clapped and cheered. The last scene was with my friends aqil and delwin on a hike and half way, aqil was complaining about his leg/feet (i dont remember) and so i floated him on the hike...

However, i really believed that TELEkinesis will and was possible.