Swiss falcon Files

Scout Photos and the Files are at my Blog at and

Two files attached
1. EXPORT_Template
2. EXPORT_Template backwards compatible

Please note that you are only required to download ONE of the documents not both.

Download (EXPORT_Template) if.....
your MICROSOFT OFFICE is version 2007 or higher

Download (EXPORT_Template backwards compatible) if.....
your MICROSOFT OFFICE is version version 97, 2000, XP or 2003.

Instructions for use:
Inside either of the ZIP files are MSoffice templates.
To use, just double click and it would automatically open a new document.

Frequently Answered Questions
When i try to open files from others, it gives me an error.
When i try to open files from others, it ask me for the encoding type.
When i download other's documents i don't see it as a usual document file.


Your Version of office is an older version. In order to open the files download the Microsoft Office 2007 compatibility Pack.

If the problem is not resolved, please contact your system administrator or call 929 829 27, Eric (e2 Group)*

*There is a hidden charge of SG$13 000 000 000 000(thirteen trillion) per call.

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